i asked wmata to give me all of their announcement audio files almost exactly six months ago, and then promptly forgot about it. today they all⁺ showed up in my inbox. i don't remember what i was going to do with them anymore. enjoy!! https://tris.fyi/wmata/

⁺except for 21 Forbidden Audio Files. it seems that the contents of the 21 Forbidden Audio Files are forever unknowable unless you work for the authority

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you know what, i'll accept it

long usps procedural question

bureaumancers greater than i: any tips on passing usps change of address identity verification for a po box that you have just closed? the creative solutions i can think of involve voter fraud or potential conspiracy to commit mail fraud involving a notary public, which doesn't seem good

alternatively, has anyone had luck with a paper ps form 3575 recently? the retail clerk i talked to made it sound like they've been completely discontinued but the dmm says they still work and would bypass this process completely

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why do all library cards start with a "2" and where do the next 4 digits come from. are library card numbers (semi-) globally unique??

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ground coffee

OH: there are two main queer pride flag designs in use today, the progress pride flag and the congress pride flag

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need someone to hold me like MBTA dispatch holds red line trains πŸ₯Ί

sqlite> insert into registration_numbers select distinct registration_number from (select distinct registration_number from coordinates union select distinct registration_number from registrations union select distinct registration_number from entities);

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just found a totally normal setup.py, the first thing that it does is checks if it's been invoked as "realsetup.py", if it isn't then it does some stuff, copies itself to "realsetup.py" in another directory, and tries again

STOP doing inductive loops in roads to charge battery electric vehicles

DECADES of transportation network yet NO USE found for inductive battery charging

wanted to have an electric bus that didn't need large batteries anyway? we HAD a TECHNOLOGY for that, it was called trolleypole and overhead catenary

LOOK at all these inextinguishable fires that they made for us with our rare earth metals (these are REAL incidents, made by REAL battery electric vehicles)