some moss for

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OH: "it's not gay, it's thermally efficient"

another quiet place

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a quiet place

the checking out books from the library to forgetting to read them pipeline

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niagara falls

finally starting to feel a bit like spring

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high fiber diet (whenever i am feeling hungry i find an above-ground utility pole and look about 20 feet up for a nice snack)

(it's single-mode optical fiber used for automated metering)

(i am causing disruptions to critical infrastructure)

city of huntsville stop pointing lights directly into the sky 2023 challenge (impossible)

does anything in the activitypub spec prevent Like(Like(...)) from being a valid activity. i have poked around for several minutes and haven't found anything

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cross-referencing a national park brochure map, a cell coverage map, a light pollution map, the long lines map, and gmaps satellite/hybrid; this is going to be a nice evening I think

(someday I am going to end up with the weirdest qgis project file ever)

going through my camera roll and i had to see this 2-year-old image, now you all do too (possible repost from twitter?)

lol yep there it is. this is worse than is currently being reported (e.g. says it was just names/enrollment date/emails -- that is not true according to this statement)

i think i just watched dc health link send out data breach disclosures and then retract them? 👀