end of an era, beginning of another

(pretty nice to live in a place where i can just opportunistically take cool pictures of train stations)

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are you here?

usb type-C oscilloscope probe


I really lucked out today -- happened to be at the right place at the right time to see an HMCRA (local public railroad authority) operation!!

cute date idea: stand up infrastructure to enable and encourage folks to yell at their state legislators together

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the middle names at the store are free, you can take as many as you like. i have 92 middle names

here is a weird transit speedrun category: mbta all subway lines (just ride on each line for at least one stop).

it's not necessarily the downtown loop I think -- Bowdoin > Government Center is possibly better than Government Center > State on blue for example, blue should maybe go first because of headways, and on the last line you take, you can go in either direction (so minimize distance between platforms, be at a station with an island platform, or keep an eye on realtime arrivals on your phone)

anyway, I just clocked 15:25.5 with zero prep (missed a commuter rail train and had an hour to burn lol) but a lot of luck on transfer timing -- all transfers were less than 5 minutes. route was Bowdoin, Govt Center, Park St, Downtown Crossing, Chinatown). might try to optimize this later lol

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type of organization called "Committee of [n]" which has 3n members :/

selfie, ec

am i doing this "lesbian day of visibility" thing right

just reported my 100th broken streetlight >__> why is this one of my hobbies

I had no idea that railway turntables existed until I stumbled across this one (not in use anymore), after wandering around downtown long enough to find my way to a railroad museum last week

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beamforming a capella group