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common law / uncommon law / rare law / epic law

i cherish every internet interaction with a government body that results in a form letter being mailed to me

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douglas (long lines site) at night (reposted with fewer typos)

the picture could be better but the tower site is colocated with someone's farm, and I felt like there was a good chance I'd get shot at if I stuck around much longer. rural Alabama moment

.oO magical being that collects payment equally from everyone getting on a short-distance boat is a fair ferry fare fairy

new elevator buttons? I'm guessing these are an accessibility thing for emergency calls but not sure

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Hawthorne, Lewisburg, and Brick Church Long Lines tower sites from last Sunday (I also visited Shelbyville and Thach but their microwave horns seem to have been removed D:)

how is huntsville wider than the entire state of rhode island. why

I do not understand how TWO cars almost hit me at the same time today, one going against a red light, in broad daylight, while I have a fluorescent yellow and orange vest on!!! what is this! I literally cannot be any more visible without, idk, wearing christmas lights or something!

middle Tennessee (mostly downtown Lewisburg)

DCA is my favorite airport, I think

airport security is bad because it means i can't fit a frivolous metrorail trip into this 2h connection time at dca

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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has received your request for records.

MY2078, somehow the first marker of this trip???